G'day! I'm Jason Hutchens.

I'm an engineer specialising in startups, web development, game design and AI.
I ❤️ Ruby, Vue and C, and have also worked professionally with JS, Python, C++ and Java.
I love Terry Pratchett and They Might Be Giants too 😀
I work on interesting things 100% remotely from Perth, Western Australia.

Selected Projects

This is a sampling of mostly hobby projects I've worked on over my 25-year career.

A learning chatterbot.


Browser for the MarkDown web.


Use your black mirror to rate all the things.


A procedurally generated database of everyday things.


An Australia-wide visualisation of government data.

National Eyeball

Make friends of sheeps by scorching to reflect colour and then collect the match ones.

99 Sheep

A ragdol rhythym action game made for #GGJ17.


An entry to the one-key / one-switch comp on Retro Remakes.

Quantum Light Cycles

Black & White is a god video game developed by Lionhead Studios.

Black & White

Charts, SVG badges, CSV export and JSON API for the Johns Hopkins CSSE Coronavirus / COVID-19 dataset.


So many balls!


Control light and music with your hands.

Aruma Room

A not-quite-proof-of-concept implementation of QDD.


Great answers to interesting questions about everything


A massively single-player infinite runner.

Laggy Dash

Four dwarves, one controller.

Dwarf Squad

A game inspired by the pause mode of Jeff Minter's Iridis Alpha.


L.A. Noire is a neo-noir detective action-adventure video game developed by Team Bondi.

L.A. Noire

A cellular automata game engine.


A simple password manager for the command-line.


A machine-generated novel for NaNoGenMo.


A novel text input method for use with game controllers.


Discover how unique you really are.

Statistical Me

A game of deception.

Bogus Quest

Build a single brown cloud by collecting and spitting clouds of different colours.

Brown Cloud


Soduku Sweeper

Interzone Futebol is a massively multiplayer online game centered on futebol.

Interzone Futebol